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We love physical games

Clear River Games (CRG) specializes in physical games for consoles. Our strength is the commercialization of sales and distribution. By financing production, manufacturing and distribution, we enable development studios and game publishers to create additional sales based on their games and marketing and make them available at retail stores across the globe.

· No hidden or upfront costs for the IP owner/publisher

· Extra value: By adding additional components like stickers, manual, pins etc., to the standard physical product, we create extra value for the consumer, making the release collectable!

· Different SKUs: We offer both standard retailer and collector limited editions.

· Broad reach: CRG has a massive spread in distribution & retail channels in North America, Europe, Asia and Japan. We can make your games available for all the consumers in the world, no matter the region.

· Controlling the entire design and production chain and delivering the finished package to maximize the royalty/profit and oversee the manufacturing cost.

· Less risk: CRG is not offering any price protection, inventory return, or money collection issues with retailers or distributors. Conventional day one qty + re-orders mean no risk for overstocks or devaluating the product.

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Clear River Games is a Swedish publisher located in Karlstad, Sweden