Who we are

A river of memories

Clear River Games is a publisher with love for classic retro games. We are a small team in Karlstad, Sweden, founded by the Freemode Group (part of Embracer Group). Our vision is to bring the joy of experiencing vintage retro games and revived classic game franchises to players all over the world.

We focus on publishing high-quality classic game franchises, modern retro and pixel art games and indie games that inspire gamers and bring back great memories of the past or discover new great games. With physical editions distributed online and in retail stores, we want to make great and unique games accessible to retro game fans around the world.

  • Company name

    Clear River Games

  • Founded


  • Location

    Next to Klarälven in Karlstad, Sweden

  • Business

    Publishing of video games

  • Ownership

    Clear River Games is part of the Embracer Group

  • Distributor

Clear River Games is a Swedish publisher located in Karlstad, Sweden