Deathsmiles 1&2

Deathsmiles is a side side-scrolling bullet hell shoot ' em up game set in the alternate world of GilveradoGilverado, where girls known as "Angels" take center stage. The game features an exotic world imbued with gothic horror themes and enemies coming from all directions. Intuitive controls and multiple paths that will keep you coming back for more.

• Contains both part I and II with multiple modes and variations including Mega Black Label.
• Comprehensive training mode and online rankings.
• Developed by the legendary Japanese studio Cave.
• Art cards drawn by manga artist Junya Inoue + Manual.

  • Developer

    Cave, City Connection

  • Publisher

    Clear River Games

  • Platforms
    Nintendo Switch
    PlayStation 4
  • Release

    June, 2022

  • Genre

    Shoot'em up

  • Players


  • Languages

     English, French, Spanish and Japanese

  • Age ratings


  • Wholesale distribution


Standard Edition

Standard edition includes art cards drawn by manga artist Junya Inoue + Manual.

With little middle ground between casual and concerted professional play there's no doubt it has something for everyone, no matter how you choose to approach it." 8/10

"I can happily confirm from first-hand experience that the Nintendo Switch version is thoroughly lovely, and comes highly recommended.” 

“Even if you think you’re not that into bullet hell style of gaming, the amount of consideration that this game pours over the players is something that you’d feel appreciated.” 8/10

© 2007-2010 CAVE Interactive CO., LTD. / Licensed to and Developed by 2021 CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD. © 2020 Clear River Games.

Clear River Games is a Swedish publisher located in Karlstad, Sweden