Back by popular demand! Huntdown announces second wave of Collector’s Edition and release date for physical retail launch

Easy Trigger’s 80s extravaganza Huntdown launches physical edition in retail on October 14th, and gives fans a second chance to grab Collector’s Edition on August 10th with an exclusive action figure, synth cassette tapes, artwork and more!


Developer Easy Trigger Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing have continued their collaboration with publisher Clear River Games, announcing the launch date of its premium boxed edition at retail, and second run of Huntdown’s physical Collector’s Edition with Limited Run Games. Both the premium boxed and Collector’s Editions will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Announced at Limited Run Games’ show #LRG3 in June 2021, the Huntdown Collector’s Edition sold out in under 12 hours. Following its meteoric critical success, with a rating of 85 on Metacritic, and nominations for both SXSW and DreamHack awards, the cult classic is opening pre-orders of a further 2000 units of the Collectors Edition on August 10th for fans to grab before they sell out once more. 


Published by Clear River Games, and available exclusively through Limited Run Games, Huntdown’s Collector’s Edition comes packed in a fittingly Retro big box PC case, filled to the brim with exclusive content. This includes a limited-edition John Sawyer action figure, the synth-pumping soundtrack on cassette tape, four authentic gang cloth patches, a gorgeous 56-page art book, a huge, double-sided poster, an instruction booklet and three button pins. For a look at this brand new, exclusive content please check out the photos here. This will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.


Clear River Games are also releasing a premium boxed version of the game on October 14th for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, featuring the instruction booklet and three button pins from the Collector’s Edition. This version will be available at retailers in North America, Europe and Australia, check your local retailer or online etailer for pricing and availability. 


Huntdown is also taking the old school arcade action to players in Asia! Clear River Games is partnering with Epicsoft Asia to localize and release the retail boxed versions in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Indie publisher Beep will release the boxed versions in Japan.

Huntdown takes the old school arcade shooter genre to the modern era, with players battling through a dystopian, cyberpunk future as one of three unique bounty hunters. With both Story and Arcade modes to tackle, players pump lead and thousands of one-liners into criminals alone or in pairs, as they traverse the beautifully hand painted 16-bit pixel art backdrop. 

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